Our Mission

Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition is a Cannabis civil rights organization dedicated to educating the public on the harmless, medicinal and economic benefits of this ancient and useful plant.

As in other states, Cannabis can be regulated in Kentucky for adults over 21 with much greater benefit to our society than criminalizing it has been.

Our Story

Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition, was created on Sept 1, 2014.  Our goal is to legalize Cannabis for adults 21+.  We believe Kentucky should have a responsible Cannabis use bill.

We have introduced 3 bills, into Kentucky legislation, hosted several sign holding and voter registration drives.


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Meet the Team


Patrick & Jennifer Dunegan


Chuck & Gina Carpenter


Tony Ashley

Become a member of KCFC

Become a member of Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition. We are asking for $15 for a year for membership. These funds will go straight changing the Cannabis laws in Kentucky!

You will receive a KCFC shirt, Activist cards, access to live KCFC chats and events.

Next Steps...

We need everyone to call their Kentucky legislaor,  their number is 1-800-372-7181.  If you don't know who your legislator is click on the button who is my legislator.

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