2 thoughts on “Current Kentucky Cannabis laws”

  1. Got 5 years for 1st offence with no prior criminal history and fine me 10k not to mention the 40k they took in vehicles and for trafficking and didn’t even have a single buy from me less then 5lbs

    1. I thought the United States was 1 but I don’t feel like it is because medicinal marijuana laws are not the same in ALL States like it should be!!! I use to smoke medicinal for years but scared at all times I was going to get busted!!! I quit smoking 4 years ago due to the fact I did not want to be associated with the person who was supplying it to me and my job was too important to risk so I didn’t want to get it from a total stranger!!! Since I quit I have developed sciatica, degenerative disks, fibromyalgia, migraines, high blood pressure, high sugar, acid reflux AND have gained 45 lbs!!! I am now taking prescription pain med, high blood pressure med, acid reflux med and high sugar med and miserable!!! I can’t wait for the day they legalize medicinal marijuana in Indiana so I can get back to feeling great again!!!

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