Medical cannabis; vision bills on Sim’s list

The Kentucky General Assembly convened for the 2018 regular session last week.

The legislature spent the first few days in ethics and sexual harassment training, according to State Rep. John Sims.

“There hasn’t been a lot going on so far,” he said. “This coming week is when you’ll really begin to see bills filed and discussed.”

According to Sims, there are two bills constituents can expect to see from him while the session is in — a medical cannabis bill and a vision bill for elementary aged students.

The medical cannabis bill was filed by Sims in the House of Representatives last year. It calls for the legalization of marijuana use when deemed necessary by a physician.

Sims said he stands behind the bill because of studies showing medical marijuana can help in certain situations.

“There are studies showing it helps without forcing someone to take pills every day,” he said. “This bill would allow for physicians to prescribe it to patients as an option.”

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